The Start of 2017 Motogladiator Racing

Coming in with a late start but who cares....Let's have some fun with the 300's! Tracks are listed on the website with dates and rules. Race license is required to compete in the MotoGladiator competitions. Current CCS, Wera, AMA and MotoAmerica licenses are valid. Track day organization training certificates will also be honored. MotoGladiator license will still need to be purchased but you will not have to take the race license class offered by the track day provider. The events will be held during track day events at lunchtime only with all classes being combined until grid sizes become too large. Please read the rules, and let's see who will come out on top!


Round 2 MotoGladiator Series

We have made a slight change to help the Young Guns attend this event. May 6,...