Virginia International Raceway

VIR is a world class track that everyone enjoys riding. There are 4 configurable circuits – North, Patriot, South, and Full. MotoAmerica will be at this track also and is always a good event to attend. Experience what some training is all about at our track days here
Virginia International Raceway is recently recognized as one of the Car and Driver Magazine’s superior six road courses in the nation. It is a multi-purpose road track, giving the novice and professional auto & motorcycle racing and some interesting track events. This wonderful racetrack has witnessed thousands of on-lookers and audience to view some of the best racing events. A fan and the motorcycle rider can get fascinated with its uprising Esses and sharp elevation shifts. Even, the automotive industrial professionals can’t cease them to visit it and embarked it as a prominent testing facility.

It was 1957, when VIR was inaugurated as one of the nation’s “first permanent road racing circuits”. The 3.27-mile track has been the exact track since the launching year- a sign of great cognizance. Just some places have been encountered with “widening factor” to provide safer cut and run space.

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